Estratti essenziali are drops enclosing the pure scents of nature. Spices, flowers and aromatic plants, each representing the utmost excellence in perfume. Absolute perfume. The heart and soul of a fragrance.



The essences are extracted delicately, using the most ancient of techniques, based on steam and the passing of time. A harmonious relationship that allows perfect, absolute essences to be obtained. They are pure and contain no preservatives, they are the absolute concentration of each single element.




Essential oils so pure that they can be used as an ingredient in cooking. They will enrich a dish or cocktail, even if you use just a tiny drop. Nature and her scents may thus be employed in gastronomy with extraordinary freedom… the freedom to add a perfume or a flavour without adding an ingredient.




Cooking with Estratti Essenziali gives a palette of flavours, cultural influences, tradition and innovation. Now chefs can enjoy using a palette of scents, an opportunity they have never before enjoyed, putting them on common ground with painters who use the full spectrum of colours at the same time to freely express their art. Now chefs can hold all the wonderful scents of nature in their hands to create their gastronomic masterpieces. They can use them just as they like to offer new flavours and combinations, create brand new effects, at once creation and discovery,  a revolution.
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