Antonella Bondi for Coppa Colmar

Antonella Bondi for Coppa Colmar

The Coppa Colmar golf tournaments, the most recent of which were held in April at Carimate’s Golf Club and in May at Cadenabbia Golf Club in Menaggio, reserved a place of honour for Antonella Bondi’s Fragrances, each designed to represent a geographical area, during these sports events of international importance. Two fragrances, one relaxing the other toning, were presented to the golfers at the end of their performances and also at the awards ceremony at the end of each tournament.

Coppa Colmar 2016 -cadeau Food Fragrances e non solo

Antonella Bondi and her Fragrances will be present at the Coppa Colmar finals to be held at Borgo Egnazia in Apulia on 15th and 16th October.

Coppa Colmar 2016 -Momento della Premiazione - Foto A.B.