Black Pepper Food Fragrance



Black pepper: Black pepper arrived here from India with the first merchants, long before Homer lived in Greece. Its pungent flavour has become important in many dishes. It contains piperine, an alcaloide which helps stimulate the metabolism and facilitates the digestive processes.


Ingredients: Alcohol, essential oil of Black Pepper.

Contents: 30 ml – Alcohol 96% vol.

Additional Information

Instructions for use: shake well before using and spray 1-5 times per day, as required.

Average: For the maximum daily amount of 5 sprays (approximately 0.5 g)

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily amount. Keep well away from children under 3 yeas of age. Food fragrances should not be considered as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. We advise seeking medical advice for eventual use during pregnancy, while breast feeding or for children.

Instructions for storage: Keep well closed in a cool, dry place, well away from the light. Minimum storage times are intended for product that has been well-preserved in unopened packaging.

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