Details of Flavour
Food and Body Fragrances

The new and the ancient, emotions to feed and enrich the soul

The Inner and the Outer coincide

Natural essential oils for body and soul, creations that are rigorously and exclusively “Handcrafted in Italy”, for use both in the kitchen and on ourselves.
Essences that reflect and respect the nature of those places, enhancing their flavour and ancient medical properties, a story that tells of our origins and the world we live in.



The finest of textures, elegance and care for detail, nuances that are the voice of our inner selves.

Fabric that is soft to the touch, it takes the shape of your body, becoming a friend, at one with you. The familiar nature and intense pleasure of the sensations is the pure energy of love and life itself.

The Antonella Bondi textile collection is a world created to offer profound well-being.

Little perfumed, pure linen cushions and sachets, inside dried ground corn husks in various sizes. The corn husks release natural energy to the body, bio relaxation, and macerated with selected essences, introduce us to the world of aromatherapy.


Bears and Peluches

The bears and peluches welcome you to a world of emotions, memories, ancient sensations and perfumes of life.

They are skillful creations of the Handcrafted traditions of Italy, each one is cut by hand, hand-sewn, each little garment is different from the next and each is, of course, customisable.
A made-to-measure mascot… whether traditional, country or ultimately glamorous, speaks of you and your home or establishment.


Details of Poetry

Take your time

Like waves expressing the phases of the moon, the rhythms of poetry lull and feed the heart.
A little book personalized with your name, for your poetry, your dreams, a haiku, e preamble, a wish…

White pages to fill with the days as they pass. A little book bound to your taste, in canvas or the finest paper, with hand-sewn pages that form a welcome as you enter the room, the place that will take care of your sleep, of your person, offering the authentic joy of deep repose for both body and spirit.

Preparation for the start of a new day.