Piazza Grande 1564 is born of my memories of Bologna’s famous Piazza Grande, a great open space that traditionally welcomes talents and aspirations as well as the smiles of those gathering there. Ruggero Dassi, Francesca Blench, Mark Richardson, Angela Maci, Laura Cattani and all who have helped build Piazza Grande 1564, brick by brick, day by day. Thank you so much Luca Della Corte, Federica Papotti, Ezio Zigliani and Giulio Alberoni.

Antonella Bondi

 Antonella Bondi was born in Bologna. She is an architect and has made taste and fragrance her greatest form of creative expression. From this a new vision of cuisine has developed where taste is enhanced by the absolute naturalness of the essences.

Francesca Blench

Francesca Blench was born in London and has the gift of great sensitivity and elegance as well as competence concerning the requirements of the most refined international clientele in the world of luxury. She is part of my daily life and I love to share plans, projects and intuition with her.
She is a woman I think highly of, an elegant writer and fine translator, she loves gastronomy and Italian style.

Angela Maci

Angela Maci was born in Bologna. Cooking for her is colour, simplicity, love and respect. Her degree is in Neo-Latin languages and she is also a specialist in the history and culture of food, having run an oeno-gastronomic club in the heart of Bologna for years, bringing her experience to it and consulting with great professionals in the field. A food and wine consultant and sommelier, she is also the author of a blog and two books. She has connected with Antonella Bondi thanks to her gastronomic culture and the desire to experiment and discover, as much as for her love of the city of Bologna and its extraordinary cuisine.

Ezio Zigliani

Enzo Zigliani is a journalist and communications expert in the food and beverage sector. After long experience in Communications Agencies and writing editorial for important publications such as Italia a Tavola, Food&Beverage, My and, he is currently running his own Press Office and business consultancy full time. As  a gastronomic connoisseur as well as a connoisseur of the communications system within that world he immediately recognised Antonella Bondi was creating a gastronomic revolution with her essences. This led him to approach the company  which in time invited him to join the team.

Ruggero Dassi

Ruggero Dassi, born in Lissone, is the fourth generation of an important family of entrepreneurs, leading the family business manufacturing fine furniture. He has always been a talented designer and has reached a fine synthesis of balance between creativity, practicality and innovation, in the field of gastronomy too.

Piazza Grande owes him its planning, method and rules as well as deep respect for our dreams which he turns into reality, always including them in a concrete productive process.
I am most appreciative of this and offer my heartfelt thanks

Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson, by birth a Londoner, spent his first decade of profossional activity in Italy returning to his native London to run his own food importation business followed by other businesses involved in a wider range of consumer goods. He further developed this role, acting as a link between companies mainly based in Italy and the UK, as well as in other international markets. The years of collaboration with Antonella Bondi in 2016 became a formal role as her Sales Director with the specific and articulated mission of preparing and developing domestic and broader overseas markets for her natural food fragrances, Essences for Life, and other related products. Mark, constantly enjoying and seeking new stimulus, is also a consultant on social media content. He is also a volunteer in a community group, dedicating part of his free time to revitalising his local street market in Fulham. He also loves cooking, currently being engaged in perfecting his sourdough bread recipes.