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Essential extracts contain the scents of nature in essential drops.
Spices, flowers and aromatic plants. Each one represents the maximum excellence of the fragrance.





of blend

Every Fragrance by Antonella Bondi is born from the encounter between intuition, high quality raw materials and the desire to share a unique and distinctive sensory experience:
natural handicraft products, the result of inspiration and experience.


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We use only the heart of essences

derived from distillation, discarding head and tail which are less noble but which do quantity of product.


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Heinz Beck

Born in a little town on Lake Constance, Heinz grows up in Bavaria, fascinatedby the extreme beauty of the places of his childhood. His very soul is formedby them to the point that a taste for harmony and balance is born within himwhich translates into form, fragrance and flavour in his dishes, indeed as ayoungster he dreamed of becoming a painter.Painstaking attention to detail and an extremely elegant sensitivity make hima chef who is able to combine the rigour of the recipe with the creativity of art. A deep passion for research and for the well-being which comes froma healthy diet leads him to co-operate with great Italian universities such as the Policlinico Gemelli di Roma because if what we eat is to be both good and exciting, first of all it has to be balanced and healthy.


Giuseppe Mancini

Giuseppe Mancini, problem solver, barman, mixologist, Diageo brand ambassador and expert in spirits, has developed a collection of food grade fragrances for mixology with Antonella Bondi.

The collection derives from and reflects the latest international trends in Mixology where, in addition to a perfect balance and equilibrium of aroma, fragrance is ever more important. Traditionally the essential oils from the peel of citrus fruits are used to produce an olfactory experience; today with a selection of natural essential oils diluted in food grade alcohol we can offer a true immersive experience with food fragrances sprayed onto cocktails which were not possible in the past, from “Agrumi Bianchi” (white citrus fruits) perfect for soda based drinks like Gin & Tonic, through “Erba Fresca” (freshly cut grass) perfect for Martinis to “Agrumeto d’Arance” (orange citrus grove) ideal for negronis or old fashioneds!!!

The fragrances in the collection add to the traditional/classical garnishes, facilitating a standardization of cocktails and reducing waste and consumption. They offer an olfactory surprise to our guests without changing the aroma of the drink. The attention to detail from the selection of raw materials to the process of distillations guarantees the quality of each single fragrance.

Relais & Châteaux

Antonella Bondi is a partner of Relais & Châteaux, the world famed international association which is a collection of the finest gourmet restaurants, luxury hotels, resorts and villas for the supply of food and ambient fragrances. Antonella Bondi is the official provisioner for over 560 properties around the world who are members of the Family of Excellence, Relais & Châteaux. These blends, exclusive in their concept, are now also available online.

Oscar Quagliarini

Mixologist since 1997. One of the Top World Bartenders. Through his work and seminars he has travelled the world with cocktails and spirits but also herbalism, food pairing and perfumery.

Identità Golose Milano

Exclusive food fragrances created for the internationally known Milan hub of gastronomy. These are blends studied mainly for use in cocktails but also in dishes.

Just a few minutes’ walk from Piazza della Scala and the renowned square mile that is home to Milan’s fashion houses, Identità Golose Milano inhabits a majestic 19th century Palazzo. Identità Golose Milano hosts the greatest Italian and international chefs, offering the public an opportunity to try the finest cuisines in the world.

Antonella Bondi has dedicated a rich collection of 21 fragrances to this unique place. Each one is an invitation to experience new sensory emotions, starting with the brand new Citrus Wisteria, a tribute to the age-old wisteria that is such a feature of the magical internal courtyard in this exclusive Milanese location.

David Rios

David Rios with over 20 years’ experience under his belt in the hospitality industry is a multi-award winning bartender, not least of which was the Diageo Reserve World Class 2013 Best Bartender in the World Award. Having worked from the bottom-up, David is a self-taught bartender going on to become maitre d’ and sommelier in prestigious hotels and restaurants, such as the Mugaritz Restaurant with world renowned chef Andoni Aduriz. It is worthy to note that David was the first Gin and Tonic Champion in Spain (2010) in the Historical Gin and Tonic category, as well as International Gin and Tonic Champion (2011). He also recently obtained the title of official Sherry wine educator, David considers that wine and cocktails are brothers, which is why he considers the development of cocktails with wine base is very important. His acclaimed cocktail creations are inspired by stunning Basque mountainous landscapes and coastal areas and beaches displaying a weakness for citric aromas and bitter tastes. Finally and most importantly, however, David’s motto is: ‘Learn, show respect and maintain ongoing improvement’. Of course, he never forgets to dream, enjoy, and smile.