Giuseppe Mancini

Giuseppe Mancini, problem solver, barman, mixologist, Diageo brand ambassador and expert in spirits, has developed a collection of food grade fragrances for mixology with Antonella Bondi. The collection derives from and reflects the latest international trends in mixology where, in addition to a perfect balance and equilibrium of aroma, fragrance is ever more important. Traditionally the essential oils from the peel of citrus fruits are used to produce an olfactory experience; today with a selection of natural essential oils diluted in food grade alcohol we can offer a true immersive experience with food fragrances sprayed onto cocktails which were not possible in the past, from “Agrumi Bianchi” (white citrus fruits) perfect for soda based drinks like Gin & Tonic, through “Erba Fresca” (freshly cut grass) perfect for Martinis to “Agrumeto d’Arance” (orange citrus grove) ideal for negronis or old fashioneds! The fragrances in the collection add to the traditional/classical garnishes, facilitating a standardization of cocktails and reducing waste and consumption. They offer an olfactory surprise to our guests without changing the aroma of the drink. The attention to detail from the selection of raw materials to the process of distillations guarantees the quality of each single fragrance.

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